The Emanation Of Lucifer”- Mantia
Oil on masonite, 24” x 36”

This painting depicts pure light being separated into the psychological spectrum. Lucifer is the being depicted as the eye who shows the self knowledge about humanity both collectively and individually.

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In camouflage with the curtains

In camouflage with the curtains


The Huld Manuscript

Also known as the ‘Dark Manuscript’, this book of Icelandic magical staves, sigils and charms was written and collected in 1847 by Geir Vigfússyni á Akureyri from three other manuscripts.

Of the three manuscripts used in compiling the Huld manuscript we know that one of them was written in Seltjarnarnesi of 1810. The other was by Halldórs S. Stefánssonar, a book called “Galdrastafir og náttúra þeirra”, and it was this book that contained the magical staves but none of the descriptions.

The full manuscript can be found here

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Self titled EP from Carpe Noctem

Originally self released on CD in 2009 and released by Vánagandr on pro tape in 2014.

Artwork by Andrzej Masianis.